Volunteer – The Man behind the new Feed Bins


Volunteer, Fixer-upper

Career: Publishing, marine bookselling, boat building, boat equipment retailer. 

Background: In 2018 Peter was walking past on his daily stroll and knowing about RDA through his wife who had worked at The Northcott School at Parramatta wandered into our Centre. Through his previous nautical experience he offered to splice some looped ropes for hitching our horses.

Interesting Claim to Fame: Was a tour guide around Sydney for the children’s author Dr Seuss and found him a lovely modest gentleman (unlike some other authors)    

Reason for volunteering: Meeting new people and respite from everyday worries. As Peter says “Somehow the Centre and the people drew me in and one thing led to another. Initially I wondered if I had done the right thing to sign up as a volunteer when I had only thought of doing one particular thing but it has been the best job satisfaction I’ve had in years”.   

Role at RDA Ryde: Specialised Projects tackling tricky problems like the modification of the Feed Shed bins that required firstly understanding the issues, coming up with a clever solution, building a miniature prototype then finally fabricating them.

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