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TED Conferences are held annually. They originated in 1984 and initially focused on the fields of technology, entertainment & design (TED). Since then, TED Talks have increased both in popularity and scope all over the world to include many scientific, cultural, political, humanitarian & academic topics. As of December 2020 over 3,500 TED Talks are freely available online.

Some videos are funny, some providing an interesting or new perspective. All of them are thought provoking & informative.
Below are just a few of our favourites to start you off!

I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much

April 2014 | 9mins

“Stella Young is a comedian and journalist who happens to go about her day in a wheelchair — a fact that doesn’t, she’d like to make clear, automatically turn her into a noble inspiration to all humanity. In this very funny talk, Young breaks down society’s habit of turning disabled people into ‘inspiration porn’.”

My philosophy for a happy life

SAM BURNS | TEDxMidAtlantic
October 2013 | 12 mins

“Born with a rare genetic disorder called progeria, Sam Berns knew he’d be facing more obstacles in life than most. This didn’t stop him from taking charge of his own happiness. In this moving and inspirational talk, Berns lays out the three principles of the personal philosophy that allowed him to do so.”

The Disability Conversation

April 2015 | 8mins

“Ben Myers is a freshman studying computer science. Born with a rare birth defect called Moebius Syndrome, he has been teaching disability advocacy for seven years. Coming from the Dallas area, Ben says he is proud to say that he ditched those Cowboys for the right ones. He enjoys puns and, due to his short arms, T-rex jokes.”

Failing at Normal – This is what it’s really like to live with ADHD

July 2017 | 17mins

“At 32, Jessica McCabe’s ADHD brought her to the darkest point of her life thus far. At 34, she was thriving both personally and professionally, producing a successful Youtube channel about living with ADHD. In this deeply personal talk, Jessica describes how she turned things around through community & education”

The most popular talks of all time


“Are schools killing creativity? What makes a great leader? How can I find happiness? These 25 talks are the ones that you and your fellow TED fans just can’t stop sharing.”

Blueprints for the next Generation


“Advice and best practices on what the newest generations need to succeed.”

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