Disability Awareness

Often it can be easy to forget how varied and unique each individual’s lived experience is. As members of society and volunteers at RDA Ryde Centre, it can be at times challenging or uncomfortable knowing how to act or engage with disability, and to know what we need to do to ensure that everyone inContinue reading “Disability Awareness”

Riding Develops Abilities

RDA (NSW) Ryde is a social community full of people united through shared experiences, love of horses and a desire to help and care for others, building lifelong relationships. Riders must have consent from their Doctor and are assessed by our Coaches prior to commencing so that a suitable individual program can be developed. Some riders are assistedContinue reading “Riding Develops Abilities”

Caring for a Ryde Centre Horse

Grooming in simple terms, is the practice of brushing and cleaning a horse. We use brushes, combs, hoof picks, sponges and more, to remove dirt, sweat and loose hair from a horse’s coat. However the above description does not fully describe the entire nature of horse care, or the role of grooming. Grooming is notContinue reading “Caring for a Ryde Centre Horse”

Disability Language and Courses

Disability is an umbrella term for impairments of body function or structure, activity limitations or participation restrictions [1]. Disability may be hidden or visible, permanent or temporary, and can result from accidents, illness or genetic disorders. It’s important to remember that there are many different kinds of disability that can have a vase range ofContinue reading “Disability Language and Courses”

Mental Health Training

Mental health is a state of being, or a state of ‘well-ness’ in relation to our emotional, psychological, and social well-being at all stages of life. It can affect how we think, feel, act and relate to the world around us. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to our friends, family & co-workers,Continue reading “Mental Health Training”

Assisting in an RDA Ryde lesson

Our volunteers are the core to our Centre and without them we would not be able to run! To ensure consistency for our horses and riders, all volunteers receive on site training these topics while under the supervision of our Ryde Centre Coaches. Please note: these videos provide examples only, and there may be someContinue reading “Assisting in an RDA Ryde lesson”

TED Talks

Ideas worth spreading TED Mission statement TED Conferences are held annually. They originated in 1984 and initially focused on the fields of technology, entertainment & design (TED). Since then, TED Talks have increased both in popularity and scope all over the world to include many scientific, cultural, political, humanitarian & academic topics. As of DecemberContinue reading “TED Talks”