Caring for a Ryde Centre Horse

Grooming in simple terms, is the practice of brushing and cleaning a horse. We use brushes, combs, hoof picks, sponges and more, to remove dirt, sweat and loose hair from a horse’s coat.

However the above description does not fully describe the entire nature of horse care, or the role of grooming. Grooming is not just the removal of dirt and loose hair, but also allows the handler to check on the horse’s general health and well-being, equine-human bonding & desensitise training. It is often during this exercise that volunteers may pick up on changes in mood, behaviour or soreness / lameness (term used to describe a horse’s change in gait, usually in response to pain somewhere in a limb) in a horse.

Please note: At RDA(NSW) Ryde Centre, we have a team of dedicated Coaches who work collaboratively to ensure the welfare of our horses through ongoing management, consultation with professionals (vet, farrier, dentist & equine nutritionists) & volunteer training. To ensure consistency for our horses and riders, all volunteers receive onsite training while under the supervision of our Ryde Centre Coaches. These videos provide examples only, and there may be some differences in how our Centre operates. 
If you have any questions please contact a Ryde Centre Coach for clarification / further information.

Please also refer to the RDA(NSW) Volunteer Information Guides below for further explanation of horse care & the RDA(NSW) approach to working with horses.

Return to our Volunteer Training page to continue learning!

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