Volunteer Training

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.


RDA(NSW) Ryde Centre is not just committed to the education & development of our riders, but of our community of volunteers as well.

Although the majority of this learning takes place at the Centre under the guidance and leadership of our Coaches, the journey of every RDA(NSW) Ryde volunteer starts with 2 key documents:

These 2 documents contain the basic principles, code of conduct & expectations for all volunteers who attend our Centre. Please ensure you have read and are comfortable with the contents of each document. If you have any queries, please reach out to the team.

However! Despite our best efforts, all the worlds knowledge can’t be captured in only 2 documents and as we well know, learning is never completed! So to help you on your journey, our Coaches & Committee will pull together other materials including talks, videos, courses & more to help you on this ongoing journey.

These materials will cover topics as diverse as our riders & volunteers such as Disability education & awareness and Mental Health courses, to horse care, horse behaviour and how we operate as an RDA Centre. Please let us know if there is something that you would like further information on!

If you are not yet an RDA Ryde Centre Volunteer, but would like to join our team then please complete our Volunteer Enquiry Form and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you.